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Špin mixed cheese

Špin  mixed cheese, Špin
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  • Code : 00832
  • Manufacturer : Špin
  • Species : Mixed cheese
  • Location : Poreč : ISTRA
  • Packaging : 230 g

Istrian mixed Špin cow's milk cheese with the addition of up to 30% sheep's milk tastes halfway between cow's and sheep's milk. The harmonious blend of these two different ranges of flavors is ideal for those who don’t like too intense sheep cheeses, and yet prefer a cheese with a slightly sharper flavor than regular cow’s cheese.

Mild notes of sheep's milk can be felt in it, but also the buttery aroma of cow's milk. Pleasant acids and saline minerality are its main feature. It has a slightly more brittle structure than a cow, but still elastic enough and pliable for cutting. It is less creamy in the mouth, but therefore fatter on the palate.


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