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Malvasia Anno Domini

Malvasia Anno Domini, Benvenuti Vina
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  • Code : 00703
  • Manufacturer : Benvenuti Vina
  • Species : Malmsey
  • Year of manufacture : 2017
  • Location : Kaldir-Motovun : Istra
  • Alcohol : 13.0 %
  • Serving temperature : 16 °C
  • Packaging : 0,75 L

The wine is golden yellow in color, crystal clear and thick. Intense, delicate and pleasant scent. The opening is dominated by spicy notes of white pepper, turmeric, ripe fruit elements of white fruits (pears, peaches, apples) herbal aromas of laurel, rosemary, beeswax, ripe pears, quince, ethereal balsamic notes, anise, tobacco and lastly floral nuances. The complexity of the scent is rich. The wine is dry, warm and soft. Fresh, fine tannins and delicious. Looking at both sides, the wine can be described as full bodied wine or full body wine. Balanced, pronounced intensities of taste, fine quality, permanently and in the aftermath reflect the smell perceived earlier on the nose. Harmonious and ready to mate with the fish in the oven; rhombus, shrimp, dishes combined with truffles, beef tail with truffles and aged cheeses.


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